Get Ready To Go To Space: Jeff Bezos’ Space Travel Coming Soon

It’s not hard to guess what the future will be like in some ways, especially as one incredibly “futuristic” thing is right around the corner.  Yes, by 2018, Jeff Bezos will be having a product out there that will have us pretty much on the verge of visiting The Jetsons.

Forget Amazon Prime – this is called Blue Origin and when it blasts off in 2018, groups of six people at a time will be able to take trips “up there” and experience weightlessness. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but Bezos says thousands of people have shown interest in buying a ticket. Suffice it to say it will be very expensive – but the trip itself will be very cool.


Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are also aiming for the space tourism market, but Blue Origin is a step ahead in that they have successfully launched, landed and launched again unmanned rockets. Before paying customers actually hop in though, Blue Origin first has to begin testing it with a new BE-4 engine and an actual pilot on board , which it plans to do in 2017.


Those who pony up the big bucks for blast off first have to attend a one-day training session consisting of “mission and vehicle overviews, in-depth safety briefings, mission simulations, operational procedures and maneuvering in a weightless environment.”

So, as the future seems to be now, we have a couple questions. Where are the personal jet packs we were promised years ago?

And perhaps most importantly, when we meet space aliens, will the female ones be hot enough to date or at least hook up with?

jeri ryan


Source : New York Daily News