Jeb Bush Wants You To Know He Thinks The New Supergirl Is “Pretty Hot”

Regardless of the party you belong to, any politician admitting in a public forum that the new Supergirl from the upcoming CBS show is “pretty hot” is pretty gross. Although I’m sure CBS didn’t mind the random plug considering the new show premieres this Monday on October 26th.

In an interview with the Libre Forum, the interviewer asked Bush who his favorite superhero was. A question that Jeb seemed already put off by. Listen, I like my presidential candidates to not only like superheroes but LOVE talking abou them. But the questioning took a weird turn when Bush swayed his answer from liking comic book movies, to wishing he owned Marvel (who doesn’t, Jeb), to thinking Supergirl was pretty hot, a thought he came to while apparently working out that morning.

That’s not a creepy thought at all. It’s just a shame the camera didn’t cut to his wife looking oh-so proud of her husband for not just saying “Thor” and moving on.

Jeb Bush, you just keep bein’ you. It helps us to really pin point who the more awkward candidates are.