Jeb Bush’s Campaign Derails After Discussing “Killing Baby Hitler”

Oh Jeb. There’s a reason why other candidates don’t take questions from people on the internet seriously.

When Jeb Bush’s email which is connected to his campaign site was leaked to Reddit, people began to write into Jeb, clearly sending him the most ridiculous questions, one of which asking if he would go back in time to kill “baby Hitler” if he had the chance. Huffington Post was then able to interview Bush during his campaign trail afterward and brought up some of the questions people had posed to him, one of which was the Baby Hitler question. Jeb was then quick to say “Hell yeah I would. You gotta step up, man.”

Now…here’s the problem. Jeb is taking a totally ridiculous question and seriously going with it, which makes him look as ridiculous as the question. Sure, it’s great that Jeb didn’t say “Nah, I’d let him grow up and do his thing”. But there’s also a reason why candidates who are wanting to be taken seriously aren’t answering crazy time-travelling questions.

Jeb’s seemingly simple answer has raised a multitude of opinions from people, one of which pondering the thought that Jeb would kill a man, albeit an evil one, even though he calls himself a Christian and anti-abortionist.

When discussing the downsides to time travelling back in time to kill baby Hitler, he did note that Back to the Future set presidence as to the repercussions of messing with history. Even though Jeb was at least smart enough to realize that much, he wasn’t too sure on the title of Back to the Future, saying it was “the Michael Fox movies” before actually putting serious thought into time travelling.

Regardless of Jeb Bush taking time to think about time travelling in history to kill baby Hitler, I’d like my president to be able to remember “Back to the Future” on any given occasion.