Jeb Bush’s Campaign Site Has Hidden Die Hard Plots For All 5 Movies

Jeb Bush’s bid for the presidency has already gotten off to a shaky start and it’s has only been less than 24 hours. Not because of his background or stance on any particular political topic, but because his website hilariously contained a brief synopsis for all five Die Hard movies. That’s right, even the bad ones. Personally, I can’t vote for any man that would condone the last two Die Hard films which traded practical explosions for green screen effects. No sir!

The hilarious code hidden deep within Bush’s campaign site asking for donations was discovered by Jeremy Bowers stating “Seems like an odd thing to include in the JS of your presidential announcement page.” Even weirder for someone to discover it, but we’re glad he did all the same. Any chance to bask in the awesomeness that is Die Hard (again, only the first three films) we’ll gladly take.

But it’s not just a simple synopsis, the designer also put in a few jokes here in there, one line saying “Please God let this franchise die” before going into the fifth film’s synopsis. And for the first Die Hard, they referred to Hans (actor Alan Rickman) as Severus Snape. Awesome.

As of this writing it seems the code has actually been removed, which isn’t all that surprising. CNN Money reported the joke at 2AM this morning and surely Bush’s people were quickly notified and removed the joke, which is why you can no longer find it. However, it doesn’t make this less hilarious. If Jeb Bush says John McClane is his spiritual guide, then maybe I’ll pay closer attention to his run for Presidency. Until then, no anti-Die Hard fan is a friend of mine!