ISIS Recruiter Becomes Laughingstock After Photo Of His Tiny Wiener Is Leaked

A recruiter for the terrorist organization ISIS named Jazwari Saraqib originally became notorious for his use of social media to spread propaganda about the violent extremist group. Now he faces additional ridicule after sending uncensored photos of his miniscule penis to women he was recruiting. The pics, which inevitably leaked to social media, revealed that he is embarrassingly poorly endowed.

The London-based recruiter would frequently post pro-ISIS propaganda in an effort to lure terrorist sympathizers to join the cause. When Jazwari Saraqib made the dumb decision to share pics of his micropenis, a number of social media accounts began to blast him for his behavior while laughing at his shortcoming.

“This ISIS recruiter in London promised marriage to ISIS women, but then just had intercourse & taped it,” one user said.

Another took issue with his lecherous ways and revealed that he is not even single. “He is married. This hypocrite bastard has been supporting ISIS for years & issued death threats to many on Twitter,” the user said.

“ISIS fanboy ‘Jazrawi’ exposed. Saudi national in London. He sent the wrong ISIS fangirl nudes of his (tiny) wiener,” a different account posted, revealing that Saraqib would use his influential position to attempt to solicit sex.

Saraqib, who has developed a reputation as a desperate womanizer, attracted outrage and put himself on law enforcement’s radar when he expressed support for the attacks in San Bernardino, California that left 14 people dead. He also claimed that similar attacks would follow in other Western countries.


Source: Twitter