People Are Pissed About A Playboy Model Posing Nude On Top Of A Sacred Mountain

Nature can be a wonderful, beautiful thing to surround yourself with…

…even if it’s ruined by the occasional dog taking a dump. But one Playboy model, 25-year-old Jaylene Cook, found out the hard way that being au-natural in nature isn’t always the natural choice to make. After spending seven hours hiking up Mt. Taranaki in New Zealand, Jaylene and her photographer boyfriend, Josh Shaw, took a photo of her standing naked at the summit:

Now, you may not think that’s so bad and I may not think that’s so bad, but apparently people weren’t too pleased, calling the picture “disrespectful” towards the local Maori culture.

“I’d imagine you will be getting a few comments from people saying what’s wrong with that? Who cares?” Maori academic Dennis Ngawhare explains, “But I also know cousins and relatives who will be quite upset about it. They would consider it as being disrespectful towards the mountain. I accept people climb up to the summit, but what we do ask is that people be respectful.”

Jaylene, however, disagrees. “The photo’s not crude or explicit in any way. We made ourselves knowledgeable on the history of the mountain. We were quite respectful. Being nude is not something that is offensive in any way. It’s natural and pure and it’s about freedom and empowerment,” she explained to

“It’s just a point of view. We believe that we were very respectful, we were picking up other people’s rubbish that was left up there and we made ourselves aware of the culture.”

The picture has pulled over 10,500 likes on Jaylene’s Instagram, and if you ask me I agree with her: there’s nothing wrong with the photo. It’s not like she was squatting over a bobcat and wiping her ass on it – THAT would be disrespectful towards the mountain. As long as they’re not lying about picking up trash I really don’t see the issue. People were naked for THOUSANDS of years before some caveman got the bright idea to cover his dick up with a leaf, so at  worst the mountain is at least cleaner than when she left it.

What do you think — was Jaylene’s photo disrespectful? Let us know in the comments!