Jason Sudekis Waves Goodbye To ‘SNL’

Jason Sudekis, whose career with SNL has been the subject of speculation since his movie career began to take off with Horrible Bosses, has let the world know in no uncertain terms that he won’t be coming back next season.

He said to David Letterman, “I’m definitely done. I’m not coming back in the fall.” Good luck finding a grey area there, Sudekis-on-SNL-enthusiasts!

Sudekis is exiting with Bill Hader, leaving SNL in the very capable, funny, arms of all those other people who I’ve never heard of. Up next for Sudekis is We’re the Millers, which looks pretty forgettable, as well as Horrible Bosses 2.

Way to plant that franchise flag, Jason! Looks like this guy knows what he’s doing!

Originally posted on ScreenJunkies.com.