Girl Forced To Walk NYC Naked After Boyfriend Finds Texts From Men On Phone

Back in 2016 a video of a woman wrapped in a towel (which was ripped off of her halfway through) being forced to walk the streets of NYC went viral. At the time, the story was that she had been caught cheating on her husband after he went through her phone and found a plethora of texts from other men – whether those texts confirmed cheating or were just flirty messages was unclear, however the video speaks for itself:

It doesn’t matter what she did or who she did it with, no person deserves to be humiliated like this. And besides, it completely undermines the boyfriend’s revenge – you want people to feel sorry for you, not the person who supposedly cheated. The video makes him look like a douchebag, which apparently isn’t far off from the truth. Regardless, flirty text messages are a reason for breaking up, not going Game of Thrones in the middle of a New York winter.

According to Daily Mail, not only was the boyfriend, Jason Melo, arrested for this outrageous stunt, but the unnamed girlfriend’s testimony painted the incident in an even worse light:

‘He grabbed my neck, and forced it really hard. I was losing breath,’ the 25-year-old testified. The woman, whose name has been withheld said Jason Melo, ‘tortured’ her for two hours before he pushed her out into the cold and pulled out his cell phone to record her.

‘He was saying many things, like I’m a whore, I could kill you right now, I’m capable of anything,’ the woman told the court.

The ordeal lasted for several hours as Melo threatened to kill her after finding explicit texts from other men on her phone.

Melo, 26, also allegedly swung a heavy stone Buddha statue at her, as if he intended to bash her head in, while their two-month old daughter lay on the bed, just feet away.

‘He said, you know what, you’re gonna pay. You’re gonna get naked and you’re gonna go out on the street, and you’re gonna pay,’ she testified.

And if abusing his girlfriend while their daughter was in the same room wasn’t enough to make you think that Jason deserves a special place in hell right between people who litter and those who chronically park in handicap spots even though their only handicap is being a fuckwad, the dude tried to sell merchandise based on the video. As in, he went and made t-shirts and hats that said “Let’s go participa” – if there’s any justice in the world, a whopping zero people bought these and he’s been stepping on Lego bricks barefoot at least twice a day since.

If convicted, Jason Melo faces up to seven years in prison on the top-count of felony coercion.

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