NFL Player Gives Up $37 Million To Become A Farmer

Jason Brown, former center for the St. Louis Rams, has a new goal in life and it has nothing to do with his massive $37 million contract that he walked away form when he decided to quit pro ball.  Call the man crazy but he became a farmer.

Brown has never farmed a day in his life and learned everything he needs to know from asking other farmers in the area and from Youtube videos, which is both amazing and ridiculous at the same time.  He now owns 1,000 acres in North Carolina and his plan is to grow crops to feed the hungry.  So if you’re in the mood to make fun of him, at least know the dude is trying to make the world a better place.

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So far Brown is doing aright and his first harvest, 5 acres of sweet potatoes, was just donated to local food banks.  How many sweet potatoes grow on five acres?  About 100,000 pounds of them. That’s a lot of sweet potato pie.

Brown sees what he’s doing now as God’s work and claims he’s never been happier.  His farm, which he calls First Fruits Farm, is set up to donate the first harvest of every crop to local food banks.  At this point you could just consider Brown another loony Christian, but the man’s done some good work, he seems happy and he’s making other people happy.  Compare this to your average story of what NFL players are up to in their spare time and suddenly Brown is kind of awesome.

Along with the sweet potatoes, Brown’s farm has also donated thousands of cucumbers and next year he plans on doubling is crop yield for donation.  The farm also hosts events like youth fishing derbies and has worked with NC State University to provide research opportunities for grad students.  Basically Brown has found a way to make good things happen and something this is a 100% good news story about an NFL player.  Share it around, they’re not all monsters.