This Hot Model Failed At Blackmailing An NHL Player Because He Already Won

Let this be a lesson to all of you young gold diggers out there–some dudes just don’t give a f*ck.

In this instance, a young 18-year-old smokin’ hot Russian model named Katerina Provazníková tried to blackmail NHL player Jaromir Jagr by taking a post-sex selfie and threatening to upload it to the internet. What she didn’t account for is what guy wouldn’t want to brag to his friends about hooking up with a hot young model!

Jagr, who is at that ripe don’t give a sh*t age of 46 is not only unmarried but totally single. Someone needs to remind this girl how blackmail actually works.

Jagr gets some more rest until the bragging rights begin.

After the model asked for $2,000 in order to keep the photo offline, with Jagr turning her down flat, the model went ahead and posted the image online. The real twist however is the model is dating a Russian hockey player for the National Junior Team Dominik Rudl, who has publicly said his idol is Jegr which won’t make for a cuddly evening between her and her actual boyfriend.

No word how everything turned out for the Katerina, but considering her profession and relationship, let’s go ahead and go with “terrible”. As for Jaromir Jagr, high five my friend. You’re living life and doing your thing.