Jared Leto Will Play The Joker In A DC Movie, But Which One?

The Joker might be one of the worst characters any actor could possibly want to play right now. Not that the portrayal or makeup would be all that demanding but because Heath Ledger knocked it out of the park with his The Dark Knight performance. So much so, it earned him an Academy Award. But Jared Leto has decided to take on the most iconic comic book villain ever in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. The movie based on the DC comic of the same name is about a group of incarcerated villains (specifically popularized by DC comics) and given the option to take on a suicide mission for the government for a pardoned sentence in return. Fortunately for the government, the mission will likely kill the criminal participants.

If you think Jared Leto will be left out to dry if his performance is lacking, think again. Tom Hardy and Will Smith were also cast alongside Leto as characters Rick Flagg and Deadshot. It’s unclear if The Joker will be a part of the Suicide Squad in the film, or if they’ll keep him as a side character for Harley Quinn’s storyline, a prominent member in the Squad.

I think it’s interesting after the success of Marvel’s The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, DC seems to be taking note that films with more of a collection of characters rather than a character’s solo story is more bankable. Can’t help but wonder if that had anything to do with a film like this going forward rather than, say the millions of other DC characters that have yet to get their own movie.

Personally, I think Leto gave one of the best performances last year in Dallas Buyer’s Club and am very interested to see how he handles this character. He certainly has a lot to live up to. Will be Heath Ledger good, or just passable enough?

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source: Newsarama