New Image (And Angle) Reveals Jared Leto’s The Joker

Late Friday, Suicide Squad‘s director David Ayer released a full reveal of what Jared Leto would look like as the film’s Joker. Of course there have been fuzzy images posted online before of The Joker (luckily) wearing what looks like a white suit instead of no shirt at all, but today we’re getting another clearer image of Leto’s Joker from a different angle. This time the shot looks to have been taken during the filming of Suicide Squad.


I have to say, Nicholson covered the zany comedic Joker pretty well, with Ledger portraying him as more of a brilliant psychopath, so I personally don’t mind if Leto goes for a full on psychopath interpretation. What the hell, right? There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the newest adaption of the DC villain, especially since Heath Ledger’s interpretation for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is a hard one to top. But maybe the point is that Ayer and Leto aren’t trying to top Ledger’s Joker at all. Regardless, I have more faith in Leto’s performance than I do his “look” which is better than the other way around, right?

Does this new shot help convince you guys or do you still wish this whole thing would go away.

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source: Nerd Reactor