Jared Leto Accidentally Reveals His Full Joker Look Because Of His Cellphone

It’s easy for fans and paparazzi to leak images of what a character might look like from a highly anticipated movie, but this reveal of Jared Leto’s new Joker look for the upcoming Suicide Squad film is a new example on how to leak an image. Especially when the shot isn’t even taken near the set, or even with the actor in costume.

We’ve been keeping tabs on what exactly Jared Leto will look like as The Joker and now we’re getting a more full look at his character thanks to the paparazzi and Jared Leto’s massive cell phone. Albeit, it’s kind of fuzzy picture, but clear enough to know what’s up.

Pretty cool, but let’s get a closer look.

[[contentId: 2848405| alt: | style: height:288px; width:511px]]

It’s a shame we don’t have that technology in movies that can illogically make a fuzzy image super clear, but here’s a few thoughts: I dig the jacket even though it might be his only look in the film. Considering his role in the movie isn’t all that huge, are you guys okay with a lack of designer purple? Second, he appears to be wearing white contacts of some kind, which makes his verson of the Joker that much more creepy I think. And third, how big is his cell phone? It’s like a damn movie theater.

Okay, so we got a fair assessment of what Leto’s Joker will look like. How about some shot’s of Wolf of Wall Street‘s Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn?

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source: Comic Book Movie, Cory Spence