Jared Leto Gives Us A Look At His Joker Transformation For ‘Suicide Squad’

You may not enjoy his music, but Jared Leto “the actor” goes all the way when it comes to his performances. 2013’s Dallas Buyer’s Club reminded everyone how really good the guy can be at disguising himself inside a role and now with him becoming the fourth actor to physically (and officially) take on the role of The Joker, we’re really going to see what’s he’s made of.

Of course the actual look of The Joker is about as important as how the character is played. Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger all had signature looks that created their very own iconic look, so what will set Leto apart from the others who have played the character before him? Recently we’ve been getting teases here and there of Leto’s Joker and today, Leto himself snapped a selfie complete with smeared red lips after having his hair chopped and dyed green.

Check it out below:

Digging it so far. Looking forward to seeing the complete look and wardrobe.

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Thanks to Cory Spence for the heads up.