Jared Leto’s Joker Is On The Cover Of Empire And It’s Truly Hard To Look At

Hard to tell if the brand spankin’ new Joker is on the cover of the UK magazine Empire or if he’s actually in an ad for the show Empire with his dapper pimp cane and trench coat, but either way, here’s your new Joker lookin’, well, awful.

Hey, if you sat in a makeup chair waiting for that many fake tattoos to be perfectly placed on your body, you’d want to show them off too.

Sure, you can go with the whole “Everyone hated on Heath Ledger until they saw his performance”, but unlike Ledger’s Joker, we’re still fairly annoyed at this Joker representation after seeing it’s full display. Especially when they have to add words like “Psycho” and “Killer” at random as if we’re all unfamiliar with Joker 101 knowledge. I have complete faith that Leto will “play” the role just fine, but the look is just…just terrible.

My cohort Phil Haney had a great observation in that clearly Jared Leto and company used the extremely eccentric rapper Ninja from the group Die Antwoord as an overall basis for his look. Random tattoos? Check. Shirtless with a grill? Check. South African pimp look? Check.  And if the creators of this new Joker look truly did lift from Ninja’s style, why not have just cast Ninja to play the role, especially if you wanted to get a little bit more close to the hip on the character. He was pretty great in Chappie afterall.

But, I guess it’s no use in complaining now. We’re gonna get it whether we like it or not. I just hope he’ll at least be interesting to listen to. My eyes can’t handle that much neon.