Japan's Latest Weird Trend: The Face Down Pose?

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jan. 15, 2014

- TODD SPENCE (twitter)

Japan is a trendsetter, there is no doubt, but this one goes beyond fashion or entertainment.

It's called the "Face Down Pose", or as site Kotaku has coined it, the "Hair Smile".  The trend shows Japanese women posing, only showing the top of their heads, usually hiding or covering the face with their hands or phones.  It looks like men are doing the pose too but it doesn't quite work since they're not wearing a Steel Magnolias wig and kitchen knives as finger nails.  Even the Japanese media doesn't know what to make of the Face Down Pose. 

Maybe they're just smelling their fingers?

I don't get it either, but to each their own.  I just got a mustache finger tattoo only last month, so I'm already way behind.

Here are some other examples of the Face Down Pose.  I hope you guys don't mind the smell of hairspray. Is this

Japan's version of The Phantom Zone.  Kneel before Rod.

I'd be embarassed by my aunt's living room too.

In Japan, the kids play "Heads Up, Fingers Up".

A quick prayer before dinner, everyone.

Steel Magnolias fan club meets every Tuesday night.

Countdown Live doesn't mean you should actually count...down.

Everyone comes to Japan to admire its first brick street.

Japan has the sexiest bridge trolls.

Who knows if this will catch on in America, as strange as it is.  We are the country who coined the knock-out game so anything goes over here too.  For me personally, I'm going to get it going now so people will finally think I'm cool. 

Chris T Opher
Chris T Opher

Maybe they are trying to avoid face recognition software?

SayMahNameBitzh User

Id prefer Miley Cyrus to do this rather than..... whatever shes doing.

Marty Steinetz
Marty Steinetz

Pretty sure this is not a trend...it's the 4-5 girls over and over.

turtle_beef User

no.. this is just protection from facebook creeps

Jim Milliken
Jim Milliken

I've been doing that for decades, because I don't like having my picture taken.

Leo Schmidt
Leo Schmidt

No stranger than any other dumb internet fad.

Albert Lopez
Albert Lopez

Dame and I thought that the black girls had long fake nails here in the state's.... Japan has them beat! Lol

Rick Liverance
Rick Liverance

Am I the only one who just felt the WORLD IQ level just drop.

Gianni Dibiase
Gianni Dibiase

I usually walk with my head down so I can claim this as my invention lol

Dave Kii Huebner
Dave Kii Huebner

Let's see how much we can get western civilization to believe we do some messed up things.

Connie Stehly
Connie Stehly

Because, no doubt, that's how the world is perceived! Face down texting!

Aaron Traylor
Aaron Traylor

Its just different pictures of the same girls pretty much....hardly I trend lol.....15 people tops?

Jerome Drake
Jerome Drake

Sheesh why are the asians so focused on that stupid victory sign?!?!? I mean are they plain stupid or what should that mean??? Stupid just stupid

RiotSt4rt3r UserTop Commenter

If your nails are more than an inch long I don't talk to you. GTFO UGLY!

Andrew-Fuller-368 User

Don't know if I would call it a craze. Seems like the same people doing it...And whats up with the weird hair and long finger nails? Isn't that more odd than looking down?

doggin6 UserTop Commenter

all those trannys are just trying to hide their adam's apple

Brent-Morton-168 User

They don't want us to see the sores from radiation exposure

rayortz User

break is trying to start another fad like the one last year, I forgot what it was called

Paul_UK78 User

The Japs are just weird.

focus503 User

Dollars to donuts it started because that's the pose of celebrities coming out of clubs wasted at 5 in the morning.

Denu187 User

@Paul_UK78 if someone dropped a few nukes on you, i think you'd be a bit unusually different ;)