Japanese Poop Society Creates Toilets Decorated With Anime Characters

The Japan Unko Society recently unveiled a toilet elaborately decorated in anime character at Niconico Douga, an annual convention organized by Japan’s top video hosting community. In case you’re wondering, unko is “poo” in Japanese so basically, Japan has a poop club. In addition to that, the act of decorating things in anime characters is known as itasha. This is a lot of information to to make sense of, so let’s just break it down.

I know you’re dying to know about the poop club, but first, let’s talk about itsasha. It is related to the term of otaku which is generally an obsession or high interest in something – mostly with anime or magna characters. Itasha literally means “painful car” in Japanese. People will cover their car in elaborate images of popular anime characters – mostly female. I’m not too sure why it is painful. Perhaps it’s because there’s so much imagery that it’s painful to look at. Your guess is as good as mine.

Itasha doesn’t stop with cars. The act of splattering anime characters on everything can apply to your bedroom, fingernails, and, of course, toilets.

That brings us to the poop club. It’s kind of remarkable that Japan can do such bizarre things and still have it be charming. If a poop club started in America, they would immediately be deemed as deviants or hot plating fetishists.

But there is a purpose to the Japan Unko Society. They aim to educate about all things poop. From health conditions to colon cancer, they are on the mission to make poop a priority in your life – and make going number 2 a cute experience with their itasha toilet that they unveiled at Niconico Douga.

In the spirt of itasha, I guess this would be considered a “painful toilet.”

In addition to showing their cute toilet, the Japan Unko Society’s booth at the convention provided free stool examinations, poop-themed merchandise and and a look at their own anime characters (featured on the toilet) that represented the bacteria that live in our intestines.

The more I look at these images, all of this become less weird and more fun. Makes me want to put decals of Voltron and Hello Kitty on my toilet.

Source: Rocket News