This Japanese Bridge Looks Like A Raceway From Mario Kart

So you say you’ve got the commute from Hell. You tell everyone you know that you’ve got to endure a drive to and from work that would make a Navy SEAL crack under the pressure. You wouldn’t wish your commute on someone who you’d like to see executed on Death Row while they are being serenaded off to the great beyond by the crappy three-fourths of One Direction. Well, we found a road in Japan that can beat whatever you’ve got.

Take a gander at the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Matsue, Japan.

This super steep rigid frame bridge that extends over Lake Nakaumi takes drivers up and down a 6.1 percent gradient slope. It’s the highest rigid frame bridge in Japan and the third highest in the world. It’s big enough that ships can just glide right under it without having to raise a drawbridge. Frankly, it looks like something that vehicle inspectors should use to test brakes before sending cars out to be driven on less insane looking highways.

You can see what it’s like to go for a ride on this roller coaster bridge in a YouTube video but we really don’t recommend it if you’re easily disturbed by steep heights or have a basic desire to feel like you’re not going to die a spectacular death.

Amazingly, we haven’t found any stories or reports of any serious accidents on the supremely steep bridge. Maybe that’s because Japanese drivers are careful and courtesy on the roads and can handle such extreme infrastructure. We like to think it’s because some of Japan’s drivers have special, retractable hang gliders installed in the roofs of their cars in case they go too fast over the top of the bridge.

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source: Daily Mail