Adultery Is Legal If You Pay For It Says Japanese Court Ruling

For any of you men who are having a hard time committing to your spouse, you’re better off moving to Japan because their court system has ruled in favor of adultery. But only if you pay for it. It’s true, Tokyo courts have made it known that as long as the third party (the floozy if you will) is in it for compensation purposes, it’s totally legal and wouldn’t hold up in court per any divorce settlements. The courts also claim that in some ways, the man paying for sex is supporting the continuation of his marriage. Long story short, it’s cool if a man has to go off and let out some steam every now and again.

As long as the intercourse is for business, it “does not harm the marital relationship at all,” the judge said.


Of course a lot of citizens are wondering where the judge was coming from on his ruling in this particular case. There were no details given as far as the husband’s relationship with the mistress, with the judge quickly ruling it as “makura eigyo” which means “pillow business”. Clearly the judge seemed a little biased in this case with most hoping it doesn’t make adultery a lacking claim for future court cases and doesn’t set a new standard for marital cheaters. The man’s wife was asking for 4 million yen from the prostitute but failed to receive any money after the judge’s ruling.

As for now, it looks like it’s going to be a real free for all for those married Japanese men. The funny part is how many wives are going to get in on this new ruling too.