The Condom Cookbook Is As Gross As It Sounds

Single guys are usually pretty bad when it comes to cooking. If it didn’t come out of a can, a microwaveable bag or a drive-thru window, then it’s not likely to be edible. There are hundreds of thousands of cookbooks out there to help these lost culinary souls but there’s one book we found filled with recipes that when followed closely and cooked correctly should never be eaten under any circumstances.

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The book comes from Japan and the title translated into English is “Condom Meals I Want to Make For You.” Usually, titles translated from Japan sound a little funny when translated into English such as the translation for “Jaws” meaning “The Teeth from the Sea” or “As Good As It Gets” meaning “Mr. Cat Poop.” However, the book is filled with recipes in which all of the food is cooked in an actual condom. The mild nausea you’re feeling is normal and it will pass.

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The book has 11 recipes for dishes such as “Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter,” “Condom Cookies” and (our favorite) “Condom Meat Stuffing.” The goal of the book isn’t just to make people laugh and realize that life is worth living. It’s intended to show single men just how durable condoms can be and encourage them to use them and practice safe sex which we hope means no one is actually cooking these things for real and it’s all part of an effort to bring condoms and safe sex to the attention of the japanese people, amongst whom STDs are on the rise.   Of course, if you’re cooking food with condoms, the chances are that you won’t have much use for condoms other than practicing your brazing techniques.