New Japanese Beer Claims It Will Actually Make You Look Younger

Beer is one of mankind’s most magical elixirs. It can make a dull party look like a raucous going-away party for someone on Death Row. It can turn a 2 into a 10. It’s probably even a great substitute for milk in cereal if someone had the guts to try it. A Japanese beer company claims it can actually turn back the clock on the aging process with its newest beer brand. 

Bring this to the old folks home and they will be playing beer pong in no time!

Precious, a beer from the Suntory brewery, contains a secret ingredient that may or may not be able to make the drinker look younger. Each can contains two grams of collagen, a structural protein found in human skin that some claim that decreases wrinkles and lines that naturally occur with aging. It also contains another ingredient that makes people feel and appear younger. It’s called alcohol. 

Would you believe it if I said this woman is 75 years old?

Right now, you can only buy a pack of Precious in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and that there is no scientific consensus that digesting collagen will actually make a person look younger. However, collagen has become a hot property among the “miracle cure” crowd. People can buy collage enhanced powders, pills and even food in the hopes of going against God’s will. It sounds like you’d have a better chance of getting rid of wrinkles by taking a steam iron to your face. 

Source: Discovery