Japan's Bizarre Version Of The Ninja Turtles Has Nothing On Michael Bay's Reboot

If you for one second thought Michael Bay's new Ninja Turtles design were terrible, take a look at how much worse it could've been. Behold, Japan's Super Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh, Japan.

In 1996, Japan's TV Tokyo invented a toy line based off of the Ninja Turtles we're all familiar with titled Supermutants and Metal Mutation

The toyline proved to be so successful that they decided to create a couple of videos with the same updated look made by Sailor Spork Productions. Personally, I can't think of a better production company name. Anyway, these Turtles never had their own show but only a two video release as a way to promote the toy lines. Both videos were around 25 minutes long and held only one episode each. The first episode was titled "The Great Crisis of the Super Turtles! The Saint Appears!" with the second titled "The Coming of the Guardian Beasts - The Metal Turtles Appear!"

(RIGHT: Cover of the first VHS tape)

In the first video, the Turtles free a magical spirit which in turn gives them a magical stone. That stone allows them to turn into Super Mutants for 3 minutes at a time. When all of the Super Turtles combine into one, they turn into the all-mighty Turtle Saint. Let that digest for a sec. In the second video, the Turtles are able to transform, or what is called Mutant Docking, into what appears to be their spirit animal, aka what I like to call the Mighty Morphin look.

Lucky for you, you can watch both full episodes HERE.

Of course many people want to complain about how Michael Bay "ruined their childhood", but I'll take the Turtles we have coming now rather than a bunch of Turtles who look like Professor Xavier's reptile fantasy. What is it with Japan really loving that pointed mask look? Just recently at Comic-Con, DC revealed an updated Batman designed by Tetsuya Nomura, an updated pointy mask look really no one asked for. See people, it could be a lot worse. This is what you could be getting.

But what I'm almost more interested in is the language these episodes contain with words like damn, hell and shit. Are they for real? Imagine hearing that as a parent during your Saturday morning.

So what cartoons would you like to see TV Tokyo revamp? Futurama? South Park? I have money on most of you saying none, but I'd personally love to see the Care Bears wield swords.

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