Japan’s Creepiest Hotel Run By Robots

Today in Robot Apocalypse we go to Japan! Whenever robots are left entirely in charge of something in a movie, it always ends badly. The place gets overrun by beings who only know how to apply cold, hard logic to every situation, even at the cost of human lives. Sure, humans usually don’t do as good of a job but they don’t have laser cannons built into their mouths that they can use to “eliminate” their mistake. That’s what’s so concerning about a new hotel in Japan that’s run by robots. 

No, you can’t take her to your room.

The Henn-na Hotel  also known as the “Weird Hotel,” in Sasebo, Japan has a robot or humanoid running just about every customer level job in the building from the moment customers check in to the moment they check out (unless a robot hasn’t “checked them out” by then). According to the New York Post it starts when guests check into their room with an electronic receptionist who is either a human woman or a dinosaur confirms their reservation by operating a keypad and a touchscreen.

“Good news, your room comes with a free massage upgrade!”

Guests can lock away important items in the lobby thanks to a large robotic arm that puts it in the safe for them. Then when they get to their room, they get inside using a lock that’s operated a face recognition camera that can confirm their identity. We assume that if it can’t recognize for your face, it will alter it by force because it thinks that manipulating your skull is helping you instead of technically killing you. 

“What kind of hotel is this!?”

Fortunately, the hotel’s staff aren’t all robotic. The maid staff and security guards who are monitoring the hotel in a hidden room are human…or are they? How do you know at this point? They could say they are humans while they are still robots. They should have called this place “Mindf#*$ Hotel.” 

Source: Boing Boing