Japan's Pornstars Will Allow Fans To Grope Their Boobs For Anti-AIDS Benefit

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Aug. 26, 2014

The Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention came up with something pretty brilliant. With a donation to the foundation, you are given a spot in line to grope your favorite Japanese pornstar. 'I'm really looking forward to lots of people fondling my boobs,' pornstar Rina Serina told a local Tokyo newspaper. "I never thought our boobs could contribute to society."

The 24 hour event called "Boob Aid" which is apart of a larger campaign called "Stop! Aids" will include nine of Japan's favorite pornstars like 21-Year old Iku Sakuragi who said "It's for charity. Squeeze them, donate money, let's be happy." The only prerequisite the pornstars are asking is for the fans to be delicate.

Iku Sakuragi is ready for your donations.

As an added bonus for the city of Japan, the event will be televised LIVE. So any of you married guys looking to book a flight to Japan, know you're going to be on camera.

The event started back in 2003 with this being its twelfth "Boob Aid." It's uncertain how much money has actually been raised, but with this being the twelfth occasion, I'd imagine it's enough to help the cause. Plus it just looks like everyone is having a good time, doesn't it? Even the camera man is smiling.

The event will begin in Japan on August 30th at 8PM.

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source: DailyMail




Carl-Sells-839 User

I think I will vacation in Japan this year.;-) 

Obiwayne66 User

If you see the unedited ones you'll thank break for blurring them. 

eldystar User

Amsterdamn and Nevada have a similar thing going year round why wait for 1 day to donate to a good charity when you can do it 365 days a year?

MystiCobra User

I saw those boobs and they would have to pay me to grab them.

BlankTitanic User

But you can't see the boobs? Or is that you break?

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How much would it cost to look at their monkey?

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What boobs? All of them look flat chested!

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donate money to me and i'll let you play with my man boobs.

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Until another creepy otaku slashes them boobs and then you'll have to feel them with a stick.

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this article is full of search engine fodder. thanks Break.

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i am living on the wrong country merica -_-