Jane Fonda Strips Down


So you’re looking for a little more information on Jane Fonda (so to speak), one of the most famous actresses to ever work in Hollywood – more specifically, you’re looking for Jane Fonda nude. If you who have a naïve type of personality, you might assume that because of Fonda’s age and the era she worked in, there are not a lot of nude pictures of her out there. But you would be fortunately mistaken, since Jane Fonda’s rebellious and transgressive persona means that even though most of her best movies were made in the pre-video era, she’s appeared nude onscreen more times than many of her much younger counterparts.

Our odyssey of Jane Fonda nudity begins with Circle of Love, produced in France in 1964. Back in the 50s and 60s, French films were known the United States for their more liberal attitude towards sex and nudity, and Jane Fonda was one of the first (if not the actual first) Hollywood star to show nudity in a foreign film. You can imagine how controversial this was at the time, a situation that was probably exacerbated by the fact that Jane Fonda is Hollywood legend Henry Fonda’s daughter. Think of Circle of Love as the Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” video of its day. Despite its distinction in screen nudity history, the movie is a bit obscure nowadays, although if you can’t get a hold of it on DVD you can see an excerpt in the YouTube video below, which includes Jane Fonda showing a lot of leg for 1964. As you can see, she looks as good as she ever would (the same can’t be said for the clip’s video quality, unfortunately):

Our next stop is Joy House, another French film that came out the same year as Circle of Love, 1964. Despite the similar year and nation of origin, Joy House is a genre picture, a thriller also starring Alain Delon. You can see a trailer for it below – no Jane Fonda nudity in it, though, which you have to watch the whole movie to see (or at least fast-forward to it on a DVD):


From Joy House, Jane Fonda took a break from getting naked in French movies and made something in Hollywood for a change, which is where a lot of moviegoers saw her for the first time. There’s no nudity in Cat Ballou, as it was still verboten in American movies in 1965, but her performance in the movie is listed by the Mr. Skin database as “sexy,” which might just be good enough for our purposes here. Cat Ballou is one of the more widely seen today movies of its vintage, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to track down, but here’s a trailer so you can get a taste:




But Jane Fonda was never one to keep her clothes on for too long. After Cat Ballou, her old nude ways were back in Any Wednesday. At least, they were according to Mr. Skin, you’ll have to watch the whole movie to be sure. It’s a sex comedy, but it seems pretty chaste to me, probably because unlike Fonda’s earlier movies with nude scenes, this one was made right here in the USA. But reportedly there’s an unintentional nip slip in the movie, so keep an eye out:




In 1966, Jane Fonda reteamed with the director of Circle of Love, Roger Vadim, for another movie that showcased her two most famous costars once again. It’s called The Game is Over, and it’s even more obscure than some of her earlier movies at this point, but this image of a DVD cover makes me really want to see it:

After a performance in Barefoot in the Park that is officially designated by Mr. Skin as being merely “sexy,” Jane Fonda went on to star as what remains her most famously naked character in the movie of the same name: Barbarella. Barbarella was another collaboration with Roger Vadim for Fonda, and it opens on Fonda taking off all her clothes in zero gravity. It probably comes as no surprise to find out that Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim were eventually married, but theirs was not exactly a traditional union. Both Fonda and her husband had a penchant for threesomes (and foursomes), and you can read more about their marriage here. This is probably one of the best title sequences of any movie ever, although it might be considered a little bit NSFW:



Barbarella has copious nudity, both with and without Jane Fonda, and it probably represents the peak of seeing Fonda nude on the big screen. A couple years later, she made Klute, in which she plays the sexiest prostitute of all time being protected from a psycho killer by a private eye played by Donald Sutherland. Unlike movie prostitutes of yore, Fonda’s Bree Daniels actually has sex, naked sex, and she has some pretty sexy monologues in the movie as well. Here’s a little bit of Fonda’s performance in the movie, but to see all the nudity you’ll have to hit up Netflix or something:



After Klute, Jane Fonda won the Oscar for her performance, and she suddenly became a little more hesitant to get naked onscreen. She even went so far as using a body double for her role in Coming Home seven years later. During this time, she worked with legendary French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, but even he couldn’t get her to take off her clothes. But, the curtain was not completely closed on Jane Fonda big screen nudity, and for all we know it may still not be closed, even though she is as of this writing 76 years old. In addition to her famously sexy swimsuit scene in On Golden Pond, she did two nude scenes in the late 80s when she was in her late 40s and early 50s – The Morning After and Old Gringo. The former is a psychological thriller in the Klute vein, although it failed to generate the same level response as the earlier movie was able to. This might just be a fluke, or it might have to do with the quality of Fonda’s nudity in the movie – only a true film scholar would be able to make that determination for sure. Old Gringo is a drama also starring Jimmy Smits and Gregory Peck, but the most amusing thing about it (other than Fonda’s nude scene) might be that in the movie Fonda plays a character named “Harriet Winslow.” That’s right; Fonda’s character in Old Gringo has the same name as the mom on Family Matters. The mind boggles at the idea of Jane Fonda playing Harriet Winslow on Family Matters, but I guess that’s a subject for another blog post.

Here’s a trailer for The Morning After:




And here’s one for Old Gringo:



If you’re interesting in sitting through that one in order to get to the Jane Fonda nudity within, more power to you (of course, you should never judge any movie by its trailer).


Man, you are just impossible to please, has anyone ever told you that? But maybe I can help you out. With a career as nudity-intensive as Jane Fonda’s, it’s really no surprise that there are some pretty good publicity shots taken of her with her clothes off to promote those movies. Here are a few:

If by some superhuman feat your thirst for Jane Fonda nudity is still not quenched, she also did her share of nude magazine spreads in her day. Lui and Playboy both scored Fonda nude pictures, as well as some other more obscure publications. You can still hunt down these appearances on the collector’s market, but if you don’t want to become a weird old Playboy-collecting dude you can see a couple of the more SFW examples of this below:

And here’s a magazine cover that goes overboard with the A-list names – something tells me I might have to try to acquire a copy of this magazine for the purpose of researching future blog posts:



While this subject doesn’t fit perfectly into the topic at hand, it still seems appropriate to at least mention the fitness videos that Jane Fonda appeared in from 1982 on. While Fonda is not in her prime in these videos, nor does she get naked in them, I suppose they might be of interest to some of the more adventurous Jane Fonda fans out there. And like seemingly every other piece of VHS-era ephemera out there, there’s an overload of these videos on YouTube. Here’s one:


[[contentId: 2890168| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 315| width: 420]]



Now that we got that bit of discomfort out of the way, I think you’re finally ready to have informed conversations about Jane Fonda nudity at parties, or whatever other reason you had for trying to find information on “Jane Fonda nude.” Unlike most actresses of her age (and quite a few actresses that are much younger than she is, for that matter), Jane Fonda had a very carefree attitude towards onscreen nudity, at least for a little while. And thanks to the power of the internet, we can all live in that wonderful time again whenever we want – and we don’t even have to worry about getting drafted and being sent to Vietnam.