Father Hunts Down The Man Who Ran Over His Son, Turns Out It Was Him

A dad in the UK decided to pull a Liam Neeson and take any and all measures he could to find the person who ran over his 15-month-old son. Turns out this dad is more of a Homer Simpson because he actually had ran over his own son and didn’t even realize it til much later. Doh!

Jamie Ellison had come home later that day to find that his son had been injured after getting ran over by a vehicle. He reported the incident to the authorities, hoping they could find the culprit who would do such a thing to a child and just leave them by the side of the road. After having a task force assigned to the case, CCTV cameras later showed the toddler getting ran over by the car, which was clear enough for them to identify. Turns out it was the father himself who had no idea his 15-month-old was in the driveway as he backed out to take his other children to school. He says no one in the car including himself had felt or heard a bump and had no idea what had happened.

Marge is gonna be pissed.

“Yes, it was me. I just didn’t see him or feel a bump. That guilt will be with me for ever.” Jamie said on his facebook page as a follow up to informing everyone that someone had ran over his son.

So how the hell did his kid get in the driveway in the first place? Apparently Jamie saw his son waving from the front door as he got in his car to leave. Moments later, as kids do, they’re off and running and his son was already in the driveaway as Jamie had his car in reverse. Apparently Jamie’s girlfriend was there, who seems to be about as much help as a potted plant because she didn’t see the toddler run into the driveway, nor did she see him get hit by Jamie, then calling the father to tell him his son had been hit by a passing car. Ohhhhh, people.

Luckily the 15-month-old will be okay, however his dad and his dad’s girlfriend are a couple pancakes short of a stack and there’s just nothing anyone can do about that.