Remember The Handsome Mugshot Guy? He’s Out Of Prison…And Is Now A Model

Sometimes it pays off to have a handsome face, despite being a convicted felon. In 2014, we reported the Jeremy Meeks mugshot shared ’round the world after it was posted to the Stockton, California’s police department Facebook page, receiving over 12,000 shares since June 2014. The funnier part is Jeremy’s photo was actually one of four mugshots posted but the internet knew a good thing when they saw it.

LL Cool F. Ladies Love Cool Felons. via

It’s true, dude is friggin’ handsome. And the internet took his mugshot and ran with it, photoshopping his image into various high-end advertisements for the fun of it. The photoshops proved to be less funny and more further pointing out how handsome the guy was.

Flash forward to 2016. Now that Meeks is out of prison after two years for felony weapon charges, he not only has become a viral internet celebrity, but has also signed on as a model for White Cross Management, one of the bigger agencies located in both New York and Los Angeles. The more hilarious part is the agency’s website used Meeks’ mugshot as his headshot for their Talent page. Awesome.


Aside from finding an entirely new and promising career as a model, a little different from his past work experiences like running from the police, he has gained 30,000 followers on his Instagram account and thanks everyone for standing by and believing in him during his time in prison. In fact, Meeks has posted a photo from his most recent modeling gig onto his Instagram. Congrats, you now rich handsome bastard.