Real Or Hoax? James Franco Tries To Pick Up 17-Year-Old On Instagram

James Franco must be a real dirtbag…or a genius.

News broke today concerning Franco trying to pick up a 17 year-old girl through the wonderful world of Instagram.  The full story is Lucy Clode went to see Franco’s show on Broadway and briefly met him outside during a quick autograph signing with fans, where Clode took video of her interaction with the Springbreakee.  The video has since been pulled from the internet, but I did happen to catch it along with Franco asking Clode to tag him in the video.

This is apparently how he found her on Instagram.  The two then engaged in messaging via Instagram which then graduated to texting.  I’ve seen better flirting between a farmer and his cattle.

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Flash forward to today: Yeah yeah, the guy’s a dirtbag, burn him at the stake, but hold on a second.  I’m smelling something a little fishy here and it’s not his acting in Oz the Great and Powerful because that was one terrible movie.  All of this hub-bub is coming right before Franco’s new film Palo Alto‘s release date, May 9th.  A movie in which Franco engages in a teacher/student relationship.  See where I’m going with this?  Watch the trailer below.

So now I’m not so sure if this is really that big of a scandal or just some genius way to get attention coming his way regarding a topic in which his film speaks on.  No one uses a billboard anymore apparently.

I just can’t wait for Woody Allen to accidentally leak a picture of his dong two weeks before “A Penis in Peru” is released.