Jaden Smith Apparently Likes To Wear Dresses Now

Not to be all tabloidy about it, but it seems the Smith family is somehow starting to become known as the “strange” Hollywood unit out-ranking The Kardashians. Jaden Smith is no stranger to random fashion choices which is why we shouldn’t be too surprised that he was out and about wearing some new clothes today. Only it wasn’t a Batman or Iron Man costume this time. It was a dress.

Taken during his weekend getaway at Coachella in California, I know he’s not Scottish so that rules out that possibility. But we can’t be to hard on the kid for trying out new, sometimes strange things. He is only 16-years-old afterall and who hasn’t made some strange choices when they were 16, right? Of course, most kids don’t dress up as Batman in public after the age of, say, 8?

Okay, fair enough, he found a cool all-white Batman outfit. He had to try it out, I understand. But then there’s that time he dressed up as Iron Man in public. Not just Iron Man, but like a crappy Halloween store version.

Looks like a promo for Maury Povich’s “Are you my super dad?” Avengers Special. You know what, come to think of it, maybe a dress is the most normal thing we’ll see this kid in. Nevermind. Forget I said anything. Carry on, Jaden.

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source: Hollywood Life