“Jackass” Star Steve-O Arrested For Climbing Crane In Weird SeaWorld Protest

Sunday night prankster and daredevil Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover (no relation to Danny) was arrested after he climbed to the top of a crane at a construction site on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California. You fans of MTV’s Jackass will be sad to know this wasn’t part of the filming of a new prank where Johnny Knoxville and the gang swing a 50 ton wrecking ball on Steve-O’s balls.


Let’s do this live.

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rather Mr. O climbed the crane to unveil a sign that read “SeaWorld Sucks” in protest of theme park which has been the target of ridicule over its treatment of whales ever since the documentary Blackfish came out.

While Steve-O is a fan of Shamu and is concerned about the killer whale’s treatment, you will recall that he also enjoyed chilling in a hot tub with alligators as one of the many animal themed stunts he did for his show Wildboyz.

I don’t understand why he didn’t jump in the tank with Shamu and try to rescue her himself? No matter if you agree with Steve-O on his position on SeaWorld, you have to realize the stunt he pulled could have lost human beings their lives while emergency services were distracted, trying to “rescue” this jackass from a crane. Since emergency services didn’t know if Steve-O needed rescueing, or if it was some sort of suicide attempt situation over 80 firefighters, five ambulances and a helicopter were deployed to the scene. Steve-O himself documented the madness from the crane:


Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?

Posted by Steve-O on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Break Question Of The Day:  Was Steve-O justified in his protest of SeaWorld or should be kicked in the nuts for diverting all of those firefighters?

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Source: Time