Jack Black And Brett Morgen Student Film From The ’80s Surfaces

There’s something very satisfying and oddly voyeuristic about seeing the early performances of a celebrity – especially if its work they did in high school. In the case of Jack Black, it’s extra satisfying in this student film project published by HitFix in which he made with Brett Morgen.

This is JB, long before The D.

The two were classmates at Crossroads School in Santa Monica before Morgen became an Oscar nominated director and Black rose to superstardom in with his band Tenacious D and movies like High Fidelity, School of Rock and his latest film The D-Train. Check out the video:

I am mesmerized by the nostalgic ’80s VHS quality and that Black had the same frantic performance mannerisms back then are very relevant in his acting today: His flailing arms, the piercing rock n’ roll glare, his thrusting are all – how should I put this – very Jack Black. We also see Morgen’s directing abilities and punk rock sensibilities which probably planted the seed for his latest Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck. And kudos to Morgen for doing that one-shot take that rivals that of Birdman.

I have no idea what this video is about. It seems like they are talking about punk rock stuff that I am not cool enough to understand. I think it’s because I was too busy in being fascinated with how young Jack Black looks like Emile Hirsch.

Source: Hit Flix