New York Food Truck Serves Ice Cream In Phallic Cone But With A Purpose

The Play J Ice Cream truck getting a lot of attention in the Soho area of New York City. Many people are flocking to the mobile dessert destination to enjoy some of their delicious ice cream on a warm summer day — but there is something a little peculiar about the cone they are serving it in. It looks like an alien dong.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you think it looks delicious…because it does.

Actually for some, it doesn’t look phallic at all. Joking aside, the J-shaped cone is a logical solution to all those other cones out there. It drips less when you hold it in your hand and there isn’t any ice cream mess running down your sleeves while you’re not on your way to the gym. The co-owners Chulho Kang and Rich Kion modeled their ice cream truck after the South Korean dessert store Jipangy.

Play-J ice cream! The new shape of ice cream is now available in NYC! #jscream #????????

— playjscream (@PlayJscream) April 17, 2015

Kang and Kion say “We don’t wanna just serve you any regular ice cream cone. We want you to enjoy, have fun, and experience something new.” And based on their Twitter account a lot of people are eating up their J-shaped products without being self-conscious at all. And why should they? Eating a banana is far more phallic than eating this. Just look at Rihanna.