J. Crew Released An “Accidentally” Racist Ad That Points To Slavery

Sometimes ad agencies are on point but we’re more interested in ad agencies who are clearly blind to the rest of the world and what they might read beyond pretty faces and good lighting. Someone on Reddit noticed something a little off about J. Crew’s newest ad featuring a young African American male wearing black and white shorts. It wasn’t so much what he was wearing or how he was standing that the Reddit user (and now millions of others) had noticed. It was the text accompanying the post which reads “We Own Them.”  Yikes.

In a nod to what most would assume slavery, the black and white prison shorts don’t exactly help swerving what one might think upon viewing the ad. Of course most then noticed that the poster is actually covering up a small detail that somewhat derails the awfulness of the ad with his thumb; the word “Stripes”.

Sure, we did already notice that he’s wearing striped shorts which is the obvious purpose of the ad, but does it derail any potential race cards people might pull because of J. Crew’s use of “We Own Them”. We could debate this all day long, but it seems the answer has already been made.

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You just can’t win these things.