This Website Is Dedicated To iTunes Users Who Have Never Even Heard Of U2

U2 is one of the most popular bands in the world. And most iTunes users were excited to receive U2’s latest album “Songs of Innocence” for free without the user needing to literally do anything to get it. The damn thing just appeared!

Unfortunately, most of the younger folks in Apple’s audience are less than thrilled about the new addition to their playlists. In fact, they’ve never even heard of U2. Seriously, they have no idea.

That’s right, folks. Those of you who actually know U2, fan or not, have officially become ancient.  And a website has been created to usher in that collected ignorance in one long stream via tumblr under the name Who is U2?

Here are just a few gems I gathered from the site so you can see who may be shoveling dirt on your already decomposing corpse when that day comes.

Welcome to the future, you geezers. But seriously, fan or no fan, how have you never heard of U2? I mean, they wrote the music for Broadway’s Spider-man: Turn off the Dark for pete’s sakes!

To keep up on our youth’s annoyance for all things U2 and itunes related, head to to the tumblr page HERE. I just fear they have no idea who Led Zeppelin is.

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source: Elite Daily