It’s One-Hit Wonder Day!

One-Hit Wonders are grossly under-appreciated and left by the way side, never to be remembered again by any other song than that ONE hit they once had.  Today is National One-Hit Wonder Day and instead of celebrating the songs that we have heard our friends sing at karaoke numerous times, let’s celebrate those OTHER great songs by those particular bands and artists.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones never had to knock on wood, but maybe they should’ve after releasing that one great ska-rock song.  Here’s another great track from the Bosstones that not many people outside of the Boston area realize exists.

“My Sharona” is a personal favorite.  One of the best driving drum beats, as well as one of the most memorable guitar riffs ever created.  But The Knack had another great song from their first record Get The Knack alongside Sharona called “Siamese Twins (The Monkey and Me)”.

It was closing time for Semisonic after they reached their peak with “Closing Time” from the album Feeling Strangely Fine.  What a great music video.  But little do people remember their other great song “Chemistry”.  This song makes me want to wear shorts for some reason.

Filter is a band many people either like or dislike, so I’m sure some of you readers will think I’m in the wrong for calling them a One-Hit Wonder but no one can argue that “Take A Picture” was their biggest and singularly memorable hit by most people.  I for one dig the less appreciated “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, especially when it appears in the also underappreciated film The Cable Guy.

It’s a shame most of you only remember Devo for their energy dome hats and their hit “Whip It”, because Devo has an incredible amount of other great songs.  Sure, they’re not radio hits, but that’s also what makes them great, the fact that you have to dig for them.  This song, “Girl U Want” was the first single from the album Freedom of Choice, which also held “Whip It” as the 3rd track.

The Darkness is amazing.  They really are.  Their song “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” allowed us to hear what heaven sounds like embodied in a human voice, so it’s a crime most people don’t know them for any other song.  This is the title track from their fantastic follow up album “One Way Ticket To Hell…And Back”.

Fastball’s “The Way” is about as catchy as it gets.  I still can sing the chorus verbatim, but let’s take a moment today to remember their OTHER great tune, Out of My Head. Gotta love a good organ riff, even at funerals.

Blur’s “Song 2” is hard to beat.  It’s a great song, with a simple but memorable music video to accompany it.  But for my money, Blur’s “Coffee and TV” is a much better song (and a great music video).


Okay, Eddie Money is more of a two hit wonder with “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Two Tickets to Paradise”, but it’s his song (that doesn’t begin with a T) No Control from his 1982 album No Control, a biographical song about Eddie Money’s loss of control with drugs, relationships and his temper, that deserves a hug too.


Despite Bobby Brown being most known for his song “My Prerogative” (I thought it was spelled Perogative, thanks Google!), his other much better song in my humbled opinion was his track from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack, “On Our Own”.  Am I on my own with this one?


Did I miss anything?  Wish I put something on the list?  Write below in the comment section your favorite rarity from a “One-Hit Wonder”!

– Todd (follow me on twitter)