It’s Now Illegal for New Yorkers To Tattoo Their Pets

Sometimes when a law gets passed, you have to stop and wonder why we would need such a law in the first place. It makes you wonder the depths of stupidity and ignorance that people have stooped to that the government has to step in and tell the rest of us not to do that. Take for example New York State’s new law that makes it illegal for anyone to tattoo or get a piercing for their pet.

Whoever did this is dumb and not just because they put their name on it so it will make them easier to find. 

The photo above prompted a wave of backlash and eventually the Anti-Pet Tattooing law  was signed today by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Tattoo artist Mistah Metro posted a photo of his freshly inked dog on his Instagram and announced “My dog is cooler than yours.” Apparently, the rest of the Internet didn’t think so because his account was carpet bombed with angry comments and criticisms asking how he could do something to his adorable dog. 

Anyone caught violating the new  law may have to pay a fine of  up to $250 and could also spend 15 days in the county jail presumably where someone much larger than them would turn them into their personal pet and get them inked as well. The story gets worse. A quick scan of the web reveals that pet tattooing and piercing is officially a trend. They say that pets eventually look like their owners but we hope the same rule doesn’t apply to their stupidity as evidenced by some of the worst ones we found.

This little Chihuahua may look happy but just imagine what the poor little guy had to go through just so his owner could make him look like he works at Hot Topix.

Being a hairless cat is bad enough. All the other cats must make bald jokes about them and call them “Mr. Bigglesworth” behind their backs. Now imagine having to go through life looking like you’re always wearing a flesh colored Ed Hardy T-shirt.

The owner of this adorable Dalmatian just couldn’t stand the site of his cute, pink nose so he had some careless tattoo artist color over it to give him a solid, black nose. Why stop there? Why not connect all the spots on his fur?

This is a bad idea for two reasons. The first, of course, because someone tattooed a pet but now it will probably think it is royalty. Pretty much all cats think they run whatever domicile they are occupying anyway. Why give them that big of an ego?  

That’s right; some people can buy tattoos for the fish. The only upside is that they won’t remember how big of a douchebag their owner is for very long. 

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