Wal-Mart Is Selling ‘Israeli Soldier’ Costumes For Kids Because They’re Wal-Mart

“Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me all of your candy or we will be the sh*t out of you.” Israeli soldiers have a preeeeeetty bad rap these days, but that’s not stopping Wal-Mart from letting kids dress up as their favorite Defense Force from the State of Israel.

Halloween might be getting a little too real for these kids, don’t ya think? The days of dressing up as Indiana Jones or just a sheeted ghost might be coming to a close after Wal-Mart has boldly introduced the extremely bizarre option via their online store. You can order the costume HERE which comes at a hefty $27.44 or you can just steal it to go along with the costume’s theme. Sure, not all Israeli soldiers are bad, but still…what the f*ck, Wal-Mart.

“That’s the Halloween spirit!” – Wal-Mart

The costume according to Wal-Mart’s description states that it “comes complete with : shirt, pants, belt and hat. When Halloween time rolls around, make this item part of your child’s complete ensemble.” At least they were smart enough to not include a toy gun, but that didn’t stop Wal-Mart from including one anyway. Good times!

Wal-Mart, you have officially jumped the shark. Wow.