Even Islamic Militants Liked Robin Williams In ‘Jumanji’

Robin William’s death has caused an outpouring of fond remembrances and tributes from all over the world. His colleagues and co-stars, the younger comics who he inspired, his millions of fans, and even ISIS fighters who really loved Jumanji have all weighed in to pay their respects to the man.

No, really. Much like everyone else, Islamic militants have taken to Twitter to reflect upon the best roles from the actor’s long career.

Twitter user ‘Abdullah’ aka @Mujahid4life, who is known to be a 19-year Islamist and ISIS supporter, referred to Jumanji in a tweet, “Good movie. Loved it as a kid.”

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It was this shocking revelation that lead to Abdullah having to play movie critic for the day. When asked about his favorite film in the Star Wars series, he replied, “I like Empire Strikes Back most.” Well, duh. That one was softball.

He went on to name The Lion King as his favorite animated film from the ‘90’s.

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If being an ISIS fighter doesn’t work out, there’s always a job waiting for Abdullah at Buzzfeed.

However, Abdullah’s appreciation of Robin Williams soon changed when he discovered a stand up bit where the late actor mocked the Muslim belief that 72 virgins await those who sacrifice themselves for Allah.

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While another Islamic militant added, “he committed suicide, cross dressed for a living and defames our religion may Allah give him what he deserves in the akhira.”

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Wow. That’s a lot of hate. And I bet these guys haven’t even seen Old Dogs.