Denver Bookstore Called “ISIS” Constantly Vandalized Despite Not Being That ISIS

Fear can make people do some really dumb things like react with violence or say something they didn’t mean to say. Some people were already stupid before they got scared so imagine the stupid things they must do when they are afraid. Take, for instance, the people who vandalized a bookstore in Englewood, Colorado just because it’s named “Isis.”

The suburban bookstore Isis Books and Gifts reported incidents of vandalism to the police five times in the last year presumably by people who think they are affiliated with the terrorist group. Yes, because if you wanted to fund a terror group, you need to fund your money in a medium that’s dying.

Jeff Harrison, a co-owner of the store, explained to the Associated Press that the Isis in their business’ name comes from the Egyptian goddess of women, healing and childbirth and not the terrorist group trying to establish a global Islamic state. Let’s just say that they were affiliated with the terrorist group named Isis. Would they be selling tarot card decks and “Wicca supplies”? I would tell whoever keeps doing this to think about it but something tells me that might be a moot point by now.

This must mean that the vandals who keep doing this think that everything with “Isis” in the name must be connected to the group. That must mean that these morons are planning to attack Archer’s headquarters! I’d say that the police should set up a stakeout but it’s a friggin’ cartoon.