Is Woody From 'Toy Story' A Terrorist? Airport Security Thinks So

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on Feb. 12, 2014

Is Woody From 'Toy Story' A Terrorist? Airport Security Thinks So.

Airport security is supposed to keep guns off of planes. But this particular gun confiscation doesn't make me feel any safer.

Traveler John Hazen was on his way back to Los Angeles when he was stopped by security officials at London's Heathrow airport and told there was a problem with his baggage. Before you could say "Somebody's poisoned the waterhole," Hazen claims security personnel pulled out his Woody (from Toy Story, sicko) doll, and confiscated the character's side arm.

As you can see from the photo above, the toy gun is about half the size of an adult's thumb, and has no moving parts. So unless Mr. Hazen was planning on sneaking the toy into the pilot's food with the intention of choking him to death, confiscating this "weapon" was remarkably stupid, even by airport security standards.

As mentioned above, this incident took place in London, so at least we can't blame the TSA. And even a Heathrow Airport official, who would not confirm the incident, said such actions would be “a bit overzealous,” which is the proper British way of saying "f*cking ridiculous."

At any rate, at least Mr. Hazen wasn't trying to board the plane with an Aladdin doll, or he'd probably be on a one-way trip to Guantanamo right now.

treyert User

TSA agent thought it'll be a different kind of woody. He's clearly disappointed by the size of it. 

Karl-R-195 User

you think you can take picture of the security in a airport?

treyert User

I see what you did there! You used "airport security" and "thinks" in the same sentence. Bold move!

donkey_sauce User

Yep, Woody only ever had an empty holster, no gun..

Michael Cook
Michael Cook

Bullshit, anyone who knows anything knows Woody's holster is empty!!

Malevo User

I guess the no toy gun law for airports don't specify the size of the toy gun and despite common sense people are still forced to obey this not so very specified law?!?

Kieran Torr
Kieran Torr

Typical english government flaw. I bet there's a guy right behind that passenger with an ak 47 just walking past followed by aload of immigrants

Wayne-Cuttell-267 User

bullshit story    someone wants his 5 minutes of fame with the most ridiculous of stories

Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson

Hearsay without confirmation. What are you, Fox? ;-)

Leighann Adams
Leighann Adams

Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. -Benjamin Franklin

Scratchinsnowman User

Woody has never ever carried a side arm. When he says, "Reach for the sky" he makes a gun with his pointed finger. Just Google "Woody Toy Story" in images and you'll get hundreds of pictures of Woody, none of which have a gun. The same happens if you Google the Woody doll. I think the whole thing is a fabrication.

Lace King
Lace King

To be clear, this was NOT American airport security. This was in London...where American security procedures (as with most countries, speaking from experience) are made to look like a cakewalk.

synweb77 User

Great news story!  At least I only wasted 2 mins of my life trying to understand the reasoning behind the need to post this on the front page......  After two mins I realized......  I don't care!

Nord20 User

I find your offhand, unsubstantiated racism an irritant.  Especially when this story is obviously a complete fabrication: Woody dolls have never been sold with a firearm.

darkhelmet33527 User


I guess its completely impossible for the owner of the doll to have added the gun. Kids never do things like that....