Is This The World’s Largest Pit Bull?

Hulk” is a large and loveable giant.

The dog is only 18 months old but at 175 pounds he might be the largest pit bull in the world.

Hulk lives with Marlon and Lisa Grannan who run a kennel called Dark Dynasty K9s specializing in pit bulls to be raised as guard dogs. It’s safe to say that Hulk could guard anybody or anything with no problem; especially his meal bowl.

Is that a kiddie pool or a doggie dish?

One of the goals of their kennel is to challenge stereotypes about the pit bull breed. They demonstrate that their young son often plays with Hulk- who appears to be three times his size.

Marlon says that Hulk is part of the family now and they would never considering selling their beloved pit bull.

No Pitbull, not you.

Think this is all photoshoped? Watch Hulk “sing” with their song Jordan on harmonica in this video.. it’s pretty adorbs.

Source: Buzzfeed

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