Is This Footage Of An Abominable Snowman Filmed In Russia?!

A couple of guys in Russia may have made a huge discovery. If our eyes are to be believed, dash cam footage from a snowy Russian roadway gets a glimpse of the mythical, long sought after Abominable Snowman.

The Yeti, which is pretty much a white, snow dwelling big foot, is on camera for a brief amount of time. However we are able to catch a glimpse of the creature who ambles by on two feet like a person. Perhaps this is finally proof that the legendary creature is real. Cryptozoologists have searched for Yeti for years in the Himalaya. One guy even said he had a Yeti scalp:

The area of Russia where this footage was captured has a long history of Yeti sightings. Sadly the video is a tad long for the amount of Yeti we get to see, so let’s take a look at it again on a loop. Yeti?

While the Himalayan people have referred to a human-ape like creature since before the 19th century, it wasn’t until in 1922 when a British expedition came across tracks that local guides said were from “The Wild Man of The Snows.”

They called this creature “Metoh” which translates to man-bear and “Kang-mi” which translates to snowman. Man-bear snowman! However when the expedition later retold the story to reporters, the term “metoh-kangmi” was confused and the word “metoh” became “filthy” or “abominable.” So when the story was reprinted it became “The  Abominable Snowman.”

Some think that a Yeti could simply be an undiscovered type of bear or monkey living in the mountains. Or maybe this is just another whacky hoax. Study the footage – do you think this is the “Metoh-kangmi?”

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