Is This A Dog Or A Kangaroo?

This is the cutest and most confusing animal story you will see today. Roo is a five month old black and white puppy who often gets mistaken for a Kangaroo. That’s because the bouncing pooch hops around on her hind legs in a kangaroo-like position. Everything about this animal points to it being an actual marsupial from Australia.

1. Now Everyone Is Going To Want A Dogaroo: Or a Kanga-og If You Like

Well almost everything; Roo loves to lounge out like a dog.

2. All That Jumping Is Hard Work

3. Dogaroo Selfie!

Nikki and Dick, Roo’s owners from Northumberland, England say that Roo is a rescue dog who was born in Romania and was born with one front let missing and the other was possibly gnawed off by another dog. While that sounds like a terrifying beginning, the cute dogaroo has a happy existence where she is learning to get about Kangaroo style. The couple adopted Roo from Safe Rescue and say that;

“She’s perfectly happy and pain free and vets are very happy with her progress.”

4. Anybody Up For A Potato Sack Race?

5. Why Does This Kangaroo Smell Like A Dog Butt?

Here Roo is again, dogging around.6.  The Dogaroo Has An Easy  Carrying Case

7. Dogaroo Not The Weirdest Thing In This Picture: The Christmas Tree With A Face Is Freaking Me Out.

Now she is back to being a Kangaroo. What do you think? Dog or Kangaroo?

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Source: Gawker

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