Break Poll: Would Ya?! People Can’t Decide If Model Is A Real Person Or A Sim!

For today in our column “Would Ya?!” we take a look at a model on Instagram that has started a raging debate as to if she is a real human being or a sim. Lil Miquela has over 65K followers, but many of them are not sure if she has a pulse.

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Some women get accused of being “fake,” but one alleged woman has taken this to the next level with her unique Instagram pics. The attractive looking 20 something known as Lil Miquela has her followers puzzled, and not just because they are following a model on Instagram.

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Is this just a highly rendered computer image, or is she a flesh and blood lady? Maybe she does one of those fancy makeup effects jobs to make herself look like computer image? Maybe she is a real person but then touches up her photos to make them look digital?

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Users have questions and we don’t have answers. Thus far “Lil Miquela” or the person that posts her pics has not answered repeated, increasingly desperate inquires by followers  as to the human or virtual nature of the lovely lady.

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This whole thing gets really meta, like bro; what if SHE is real and WE are fake? Oh man… WHAT?

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For our purposes let’s just say, either way, it is possible to have sex with this hot entity. So would ya? Would you have sex with this thing? Take the Break Poll! Let us know your answer in the comments;

Would you have sex with the entity known as Lil Miquela?

Yes, either way. If the pixels are a rockin, you know I’m a knockin’.

No, she is faker than Kylie Jenner’s boobs,  so not possible.

Break, this is the closest you will ever get to a real woman.

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