Is It Wrong To Look At Jennifer Lawrence’s Nude Pictures?

By now you are well aware of The Fappening; the massive leak of celebrity nude photos including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton that was made available to the world by an alleged ring of hackers who got into their personal iCloud accounts. Many on the internet took this Labor Day weekend to celebrate the release of the salacious photos as a victory for horny men everywhere who only watch the Oscars in hopes of a mid-speech wardrobe malfunction by a starlet. The closest we got so far was just Jennifer’s shoe when she tripped up the stairs.

Something is leaking? Ew.

The web exploded with fanfare over the lurid photos and the promise of more to come. Others were not as excited, with one writer at The Guardian going as far as to say that if you even just click on the Jennifer Lawrence nude photos you are guilty of perpetuating sexual abuse.

The author went on to say that anyone who views and shares them should be prosecuted. Representatives for Jennifer Lawrence have said they will pursue legal action against anyone who publishes or distributes the photos, but this would take things to a whole other level where you, the random John Q Pervert, could be targeted just for taking a quick peak at Kate Upton’s hooha.  Don’t think it could happen?  Think back to the Napster days when users were randomly prosecuted for downloading songs. Kate Upton could be the next Metallica, wait what?

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She Would Be More Fun To Watch Play Drums Than Lars Ulrich

In a weird way I get where the writer is coming from; after you look the pics, you might kind of feel bad for doing so. After all it is Jennifer Lawrence, America’s sweetheart! It’s sort of like we all saw Tom Hanks’ penis this weekend.

How would you feel about Tom Hanks’ nude photos being leaked?

However does this mean that back when everyone looked at Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson’s sex tapes we were guilty of abuse as well? (If you believe that they didn’t leak it on purpose.) This backlash never seemed to happen before when other celebrity’s photos were leaked.  Is it abuse only if the person is perceived in the media as “good?” I’m just asking questions here, I really want to know what you think. Is it wrong to look at the leaked celebrity nude photos? Is this any different than if a hacker took your photos from your computer and showed them to people?  Or maybe even your credit card number?  It’s all private info that no one consented to share.  What if your sister had nude pics, or your parents?  Should they be shared with your friends?

Ricky Gervais threw his two cents onto Twitter over the whole thing and people were quick to anger at his assertion that the actresses shouldn’t have taken the photos in the first place – saying he was victim blaming. Do you agree with him?  Or is this any different than saying “don’t want to be punched?  Stop having a  face.”

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