Is Grumpy Cat Worth $100 Million?

The Internet has an awesome ability to make certain people rich and profitable almost overnight. There are people who make millions just by playing video games and posting their videos online or building an app that a company is willing to kill just to own. Apparently, it can even make animals super rich and, no, we’re not talking about Donald Trump. 

This is either the Grumpy Cat or the cutest picture ever taken of Tommy Lee Jones. You decide. 

The famous Grumpy Cat was recently reported to be worth over $100 million and we’re pretty sure that makes her one of the richest cats on the planet. Although, there is probably a third world dictator out there who made their cat secretary of the nation’s treasury or something.

“Was the Grumpy Cat Movie Good? Nein!”

Grumpy Cat’s (real name Tartar Sauce) manager Ben Lashes claimed that the famous sour puss raked in almost $100 million in revenue last year. That number is bound to be larger since the cat just starred in its own movie on Lifetime and is still selling scads of merchandise with its famous, frowny face plastered all over it.

The Grumpy Cat got a movie deal with Lifetime that’s reportedly worth millions. Don’t worry, it makes us want to cry, too. 

The cat’s owner, however, claims that it’s simply not true. Tabatha Bundesen claimed that the cat wasn’t worth nearly that much but she wouldn’t say exactly how much the cat brings in for her and her husband. No matter what it earns, we hope that they are spending a big portion of that money on the cat. Then again, if they didn’t buy her a gold platted litter box or a NASA grade laser pointer to play with, it might put a smile on its face and ruin the entire Grumpy Cat business model. 

Source: Elite Daily