Irish Dung Spitting Competition Is A Thing!

There are certain things in life that are truly inspiring and let us stand back and marvel at human achievements; landing a robot on Mars, high speed internet, the Pizza Hut Hot Dog Pizza.   There are also things that let us stand back and say HOLY CRAP, that’s really a thing?!  A man in Northern Ireland held an event at the 37th annual Lady Of The Lake Festival where he and opponents competed to see how far they could spit sheep dung from their mouths. That’s a thing, that happened and here are some sweet sheep dung spitting photographs to prove it.

“Want to make out?”

A hotel owner named Joe Mahon put the crappy event together and was so into it that he proudly let sheep poo directly into his mouth in order to get the competition going.

So if you stay at Mahon’s hotel in Country Fermanagh, Ireland just remember that no matter what you see in your room, they don’t necessarily leave chocolates on your pillow.

Do they have to pick the right sheep in order to get just the right aerodynamic turd?

Six participants including Mahon took part in the competition taking the sheep shit into their mouths and spitting it as far as they could.

Tastes like chicken. Chicken that has been pooped on.

The winner won $155. They say that the world record for dung spitting is held by a South African man at 5.56 meters and was set in 2006… because holy crap, Dung Spitting is a thing!

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Source: HuffPo