Dumb iPad Thieves Get Busted By iCloud

A pair of crooks in Houston who swiped a bunch of stuff from someone’s car including an iPad. They got busted when they forgot that Apple uploads just about every photo and video you take to a magic, invisible account and photos and videos of them bragging about the stuff they stole appeared on the original owner’s iCloud account.  

Dorian Walker-Gaines and Dillian Thompson are facing felony theft charges after they graciously gave police the evidence they needed to book them. The two allegedly broke into Stewart Schafter’s car after leaving the door unlocked in front of his home in early January. The pair not only stole an iPad but also a laptop computer and $5,000 in cash. Sure, leaving $5,000 in cash in your car may not be safe but at least some jerk can’t charge you $5 every time you want to take money out of your account from a different ATM. 

Schaefer reported the theft to police and in the days that followed, he began to notice pictures popping up on his iCloud account of two guys flashing huge wads of cash to the camera. They even uploaded a video bragging about their score and Walker-Gaines posted the video to his own Facebook page presumably so we could all enjoy and learn a valuable lesson about wireless technology, the importance of education and evolutionary science. [[contentId: 2810398| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

Police arrested both suspects who confessed to stealing the iPod, the laptop and the money he left in his car. We hope they at least got to finish the job and take their own mugshots.