Stoned Driver Had One Request After Getting Arrested; A Selfie With The Cop

Local police departments are here to serve, protect, enforce the law, and take selfies with the people they arrest.

Gilbert Phelps was arrested in Iowa for driving under the influence of marijuana and while he was in custody, he asked his arresting officer for a random favor; to take a selfie with him. The officer “happily obliged,” and posed with a thumbs up as the 20-year-old stoner looked as if he couldn’t have been happier. Phelps slapped some emojis on it, sent it off into the Snapchat ether where it was subject to screenshots galore, making it a tale as old as time.

If there was never photo evidence that weed can chill someone out, just look at that grin.

Phelps was pulled over at 2AM for speeding and an obstructed registration sticker. Iowa City Police Department officer Ben Hektoen thought he smelled alcohol in the car, but I guess Phelps just thought it would be easier to fess up and admit he was high as a motherf*cker because he was “smoking marijuana prior to driving.”

After Hektoen gave him a Breathalyzer test that read .0 blood alcohol content, Phelps was examined by a “certified Drug Recognition Expert” who came to the bright conclusion that he was “under the influence of cannabis” and wasn’t in any condition to drive a vehicle. I really don’t think you need an “Drug Recognition Expert” to determine whether or not someone is stoned or not. All you need is the ability to see and a bag of Funyuns to taunt them.

Phelps was charged with driving under the influence and is currently free on bond. His court date is later this month, but his picture will probably start a trend of midwest white boys taking Snapchat selfies with their arresting officers.