This Bad Ass 70 Year Old Polar Bear Hunter is Unkillable

Jimmy Iqalut is a man who doesn’t let little things like almost dying get in the way of business.  The 70 year old carver was out hunting polar bears in Nunavut in the far north of Canada, by himself like a grandfather should, when he fell through the ice with his snowmobile.

At this point, in sub zero temperatures, most of us would either panic or just settle in for a cold nap we never wake up from. Jimmy opted for neither of this and instead clawed his way back out of the frigid waters and even took the time to tie his snowmobile to some more secure ice in the hopes of salvaging it later.

Walking across the ice to a small island, Jimmy then had to climb a sheer ice face thanks to it being low tide.  Once up on secure land, he built himself an igloo to stay warm.  Unfortunately he also noticed at this time that his legs were going numb.  Since his pants were soaked he knew he was at some serious risk of losing his limbs if help didn’t come soon, so he improvised.  He made new pants.

Pictured: Early stage pants

Jimmy had caught a fox earlier in his hunt so, safe in his igloo, he skinned the animal and fashioned its hide into a new pair of warm, dry pants.

It was 5am the next day when Jimmy was finally found by search teams.  He made it home safely though his snowmobile and gear ended up lost.  As grandfathers go, Jimmy Iqalut is one hardcore dude.